Dave Kral

CFO, Treasurer, Director

Dave is a serial entrepreneur and former CPGA golfer. Originally from Van Couver Canada, Dave, his beautiful wife and two daughters have relocated to Florida United States. What Dave can tell you is that life will beat you down. It won’t seem fair, when you least expect adversity, it will hit you and try to knock you off your feet. The further you get beat down, the further your hope drops and for some, it is the beginning of the end.You need to know that you are not alone, you have people in this world who can show you a way out of the mud, all you need to do is let the little voices guide you and accept the help. Dave is a living example of what a little coaching, positive energy and positive resources can do for someone. Dave is a mental health and addiction recovery advocate, has lost family and friends to mental health and overdose. Become a part of the #lightitup project and join us to bring HOPE to others. It won’t be long before we change the world, so you might as well reach out and ask how to get involved. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain in seeking help for yourself or helping others. Make the move!