Dusty Simmers

Co-Founder , Secretary, Director

Dusty Anne Simmers Authenticity After Trauma Coach, Equine Therapist, and Transformational/Inspirational International Speaker Dusty Anne is a single momma of 2 amazing boys, her oldest is here on earth keeping her on her toes while her youngest is her own personal guardian angel. She grew up in a small town 100 miles north of Las Vegas, NV; where horses quickly became her life. Through the years, she competed with her horses in the sport of rodeo (here and her son still compete to this day), but what was the most impactful thing the horses have done for her personally was give her hope and a reason to keep pushing forward in life as Dusty faced low self-esteem, being bullied, sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse, addiction, actively planning her suicide, and child loss. Dusty’s passion and purpose in life is to use her horses to help make a difference in others’ lives through equine therapy, Authenticity After Trauma coaching, and inspirational and transformational speaking! Dusty Anne knows and believes, “the most courageous and bold action you will ever choose in life is choosing to unapologetically embrace your true and authentic self after trauma!”