Global Community Outreach

Past Outreach

The year was 2021, our organization had just been founded and did not have anything set up. That didn’t stop our mission. Supporters raised money on go fund me accounts and we were able to light up 4 hospitals.

During Covid-19 on Global Light it up day Supporters from the United States and Canada created awareness for wellness with their #lightitup shirts while preforming acts of kindness in their communities lighting up the world.

While supporters were lighting up their communities, our organization was lighting up multiple Hospitals with kindness, giving staff self-care items in Sandra’s self-care bags as friendly reminders for self-care. An encouraging letter was included that if anyone was suffering with mental health or addiction to reach out.

We also lit up multiple mother baby units giving comfort items to Mothers that were alone due to the Covid rules. Mothers and babies received items in the name of Kutter Simmers. Co- Founder Dusty Simmers son that was taken too soon.

Many people reached out for emotional support as a result of our outreach, and we were able to provide support.