Free Virtual Peer Support Groups

Our free peer support groups are held virtually through zoom. These groups are open to the public as a safe space for peer emotional support. Our groups are lead by amazing screened and trusted volunteers and partners that have lived experience of mental health issues and or addiction. These groups are not meant as a medical resource and no medical advice will be given. Our groups are amazing healing circles of peer support with an anonymous option . You can attend with your screen and or audio on or off .
We offer different group topics and are launching these groups with one support group available every day of the week. As our NEW organization grows we will be adding more support groups to better serve at the highest level for those suffering mental health and or addiction. Please see our schedule, group topics and amazing group leader bios to find a free group that best suits your needs.

Support Group Schedule

Meet Our Amazing Group Leaders!






TES, born Tashianna Elayne Stewart grew up in Decatur, GA. She is a middle child with two brothers and was raised in a “Jamaican” household (Jamaican Father and American Mother). She had the honor of having both loving grandmothers teach her the importance of respect for herself and others. From an early age, TES was bullied, and later on, experienced troubles during college. These troubles included leaving college as she struggled to understand her purpose in life. During this time away, TES found her self-worth and value after facing challenges and repeated failures as a young working adult. TES later attended an Information technology program where she was able to enroll back into college. She later graduated as a top student with scholar testing scores. This allowed her to intern at a large technology company where she later obtained full employment. This journey allowed TES to experience learning from failure, obtaining success, and building resiliency. TES is the Founder of the lifestyle brand Success Over Suicide. The mission of this brand encourages lifestyle habits such as mental health, self-awareness, self-love, and self-worth. These habits are important to learn at an early age as these are some of the ingredients to obtaining a life full of balance, healing, wellness, and overall success.
TES is living her purpose as a groundbreaking motivational speaker who invigorates students, teachers, and entrepreneurs to see the importance of empathy for others and the power of believing in yourself and exceeding goals.


Nicole is a compassionate, energetic team oriented LMSW whose focus is on those struggling with mental health, substance use and addiction. Nicole focuses on emotional, physical and psychological issues, including substance abuse and addiction. Most of her career has been in the service of providing counseling and support in non -profit program management environments. Currently her career role involves supporting women and children combating mental health and substance abuse issues. Nicole has served on several committees focused on breaking down the stigma of mental health and addiction. She will soon sit for her LCSW exam in 2023 and has goal to open her own private practice where she can continue to support, counsel, and break down barriers for mental health and addiction recovery acceptance. Nicole is also a wife of 23 years and a mother of a beautiful teenage girl, two dogs and a goldfish.



Dusty Anne Simmers Authenticity After Trauma Coach, Equine Therapist, and Transformational/Inspirational International Speaker Dusty Anne is a single momma of 2 amazing boys, her oldest is here on earth keeping her on her toes while her youngest is her own personal guardian angel. She grew up in a small town 100 miles north of Las Vegas, NV; where horses quickly became her life. Through the years, she competed with her horses in the sport of rodeo (here and her son still compete to this day), but what was the most impactful thing the horses have done for her personally was give her hope and a reason to keep pushing forward in life as Dusty faced low self-esteem, being bullied, sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse, addiction, actively planning her suicide, and child loss. Dusty’s passion and purpose in life is to use her horses to help make a difference in others’ lives through equine therapy, Authenticity After Trauma coaching, and inspirational and transformational speaking! Dusty Anne knows and believes, “the most courageous and bold action you will ever choose in life is choosing to unapologetically embrace your true and authentic self after trauma!”


Rosa-Lee has personal experience with abuse. ( mental , emotional ,physical, psychological) She has been on a healing journey with coaching and has become a Light to others struggling with domestic violence or abuse.



Tim is a former US Marine that has struggled with Mental Health and Addiction. He is a suicide survivor and has been in addiction recovery. Tim transformed his life and now lives a life devoted to service & bringing hope to others.



Alexandra Talbot Canadian Recovery Advocate and Warrior Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach Competitive Bodybuilder Head Coach and Founder of Sober Active Canada.

Meet Alex, addict and alcoholic, with the power to choose recovery, making it her highest priority these over 5 years–one day, one rep, one meal at a time. After a culmination of 28 years of substance abuse, a complete disregard for her health and wellness, a total lack of self-respect, stripped of any dignity she may have ever had, with a burning desire to change her life’s course, Alex finally surrendered, got woke and levelled up on April 22, 2017. Recovery is a workout, work out your recovery. Fitness and nutrition have proven viable approaches to Alex’s recovery, complemented by her 12-step program. At 43 years old, she’s in the best mental, physical and spiritual shape of her life–brain, body, spirit fit!



Jeremiah is a 42 year old who’s 16 months sober and loving life and help out others to show them that recovery is real and possible. “if I can do it you can” He once was hopeless lost and in the midst of addiction until one morning he had enough. He wasn’t ready to die and wanted to live. So he sought treatment and after he was done, his friends Sandra , Rosa-Lee and Dusty showed him support along his journey and have seen him grow. He says “it’s my time to give back every day and I give my time to those who need help because I got given the best gift in life and want people to see there’s hope , recovery is possible and your best life can be lived.” The comeback is better then the setback!




Sandra has Personal and professional experience with anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks, addiction, and addiction recovery. Sandra has been in recovery for over two years and has devoted her life to personal development and service to others.