About Us

Our Mission

To create awareness and provide support for mental health and addiction recovery decreasing the rates of suicide, substance abuse and overdose death.


To light up the World with HOPE to raise the vibration of the world and restore HOPE in Humanity.

Our Story

The Beginning

We are an energized, open minded diverse collective of people committed to the service of others and creating positive impact in the world. Our board is comprised of mental health and addiction recovery wellness advocates with personal and professional experience. Our board members are a collection of entrepreneurs, health care providers, wellness coaches, marketing, and finance experts.

Our board wholeheartedly believes in the vision and mission of our organization and volunteers their time for the service of others. Founder Sandra Lee started her recovery journey from PTSD and addiction in a peak performance coaching group “ All-star Coaching.” With Dave Scatchard.

The members in the coaching group were inspired by Sandra’s passionate compassion to help others and joined the journey of building this charity, becoming Co-Founders, Directors, and volunteers.

Our Founder, Co-Founders, and all of the Directors met in the coaching group and have supported the building of this organization from the day of Founding.

We are looking forward to making further impact to raise the vibration of the world inspiring life transformation and saving lives.


Obtaining AMBASSADOR Support Partners

Along the way we started to see the vision of our organization come to life when we connected with amazing support partners that joined our mission in UNITY and continued to Help us build .

We are so grateful and thankful for every single one of our support partners that believed in our Mission and proudly locked arms with us. We are honored to be partnered with you .

Love and Light to the World vision and mission." Founder Sandra Lee RN"